Views of the Mill and the Tygart Valley

(May 2006)

Had these pictures sent over via e-mail: Thanks to Spinner and/or Laurie! Unfortunately, they arrived without caption or comment by the photographer(s). So I'm giving it my best shot. As always, address concerns, complaints, and corrections to:

The first two are shots of some part of the Valley around here, I think. They do show a little of the local geography. It's scenic as can be, but you can see why running roads (or railroads) through these parts is still no easy trick!

They've now restored the railroad bridge into Elkins across the Tygart Valley River. The Trains are now coming back to the old station (now a visitor's center)! This bridge lands immediately at the southwest corner of the Darden Mill, so the new track goes right by the Mill -- just as it once did. This is a view from the Mill looking southward across the river before the bridge restoration.

These picture show some of the problematic restoration issues uncovered as the mill began to be restored, as well as a little look at the way the mill was put originally together. Note the rough, heavy wood used and the post and beam construction.