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First Floor Complete:
Public Opening Coming Soon

Restoration In Process: Elkins Mill Siding Project Completed!

Rehabilitation of the Mill:
Initial Progress

See W.H. Rice's short essay:
History of the Elkins Mill

Background : The Elkins Mill, the Valley, and the Bridge

Re-linking the Past: New Railroad Bridge Taking Shape

C-HOPE’s Vision for the Elkins Mill...

Ø     The Mill is a significant part of our heritage

The Elkins Mill building is – other than the Depot itself – the only remaining original building on the railyard. Built 100 years ago in 1902 and operated by the Elkins Milling Company, then later as Darden’s Mill, it supplied the community and surrounding area with flour, cereals, and animal feed.  It is an important link in telling the story of the early history of Elkins, its families, and its economy.

Ø     It is structurally sound and architecturally unique.

This building is a unique piece of Elkins’ history -- an architectural gem in the rough. The original post and beam structure of the building – built with huge native timbers – is still intact and strong, with the vast open spaces, the hardwood floors, and large wooden beams showing its fascinating structure.

Ø      We can turn an eyesore into an authentic and attractive draw for tourists.

Many heritage tourists are looking beyond lovely old houses and famous people, and are interested in industrial architecture and workers’ stories as well. The restored Elkins Mill building will be attractive and unique, and will tell industrial and forest heritage stories of Randolph County that is not available elsewhere. A Forest Heritage Center in the Elkins Mill can include:

This attraction will encourage tourists and train riders to stay longer and spend more Downtown, and provide cultural and educational opportunities focused on local heritage to benefit our whole community.

The Future of the Elkins Mill: Want All The Details?

See the page on:  Proposal for Adaptive Reuse of Elkins Milling Company Building